Monday, April 1, 2013

Whole30 Challenge - Day 1

So, here I am, doing the Whole30 Challenge.  What makes this super incredible is that I was once a vegan, and now I'm doing a strict paleo plan!

The science behind the consumption of meat and healthy fats is pretty convincing, and it makes sense.  The body needs animal fats to absorb many of the vitamins and minerals that we need.  The over consumption of grains keeps the body in a constant state of inflammation without a break and a chance to recover.

Even without the science, one only needs to look around to see that something isn't working.  There is increasing obesity, type II diabetes, RA, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune diseases throughout society even though we are eating our healthy grains and legumes.  Celiac's disease and other gluten sensitivities are on the rise.  Colitis, IBD and other digestive disorders are showing up in young kids now.

We have genetically modified our food and fed so much crap to our animals that it has severely affected our food supply which has compromised our health.  We must insist on grass fed and drug free meats, organic produce without GMO's.  We must get rid of soda, especially the diet stuff that is nothing but poison.  We must take back our health through nutrition and the foods we are consuming.

For me, that's what this challenge is all about....getting healthy.  Yes, I would like to lose a few pounds, but for me it's more about getting healthy....having all of the energy I need to do all of the things that I enjoy.  I want to be a better wife, mom, athlete, friend, and all of the other roles I play.

I'm planning on blogging about my 30 day journey because, 1) it's one way to stay accountable and, 2) I want a way to look back and see how the next 30 days change me.  I'm sure you will be totally bored, but join me!!!

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  1. This is interesting. It is so expensive to eat this way and the fast pace if life kills the plan when on the run. I've never been a good planner; always liked fly by the seat of my pants spontaneous life. It's better now that I'm older. I'd like to hear more.