Thursday, November 29, 2012

Unmanaged chaos

I know that I have ADD.  There is no other way to explain my constant bouncing around from job to job, activity to activity, blog to blog, obsession to obsession.  If I could focus on ONE thing with the intensity that I use to focus on 20 different....tasks, interests, jobs, you name it.....I would be a big time expert in something with a big time salary.  Instead, I find my thoughts and my life scattered in pieces and places - and usually not in any way coherent or cohesive.  Aw....the life of a crazy cat woman.

At least my cats are satisfied with my neurosis.  They curl up on my lap, yawn, and sleep.  Does a cat ever get an ulcer?

I'm knitting coffee sleeves for gifts, and making peppermint bark and baking cookies.  I love knitting coffee sleeves because I can finish one in a few hours and I don't get bored or have to change projects.  And baking is also always a new experience.....changing up recipes, finding something new for apples, adding a new makes the creative process a way to scatter my focus.

Many years ago I was in therapy and my counselor told me that I should embrace my varied and numerous interests.  She said that my completely sold out, all in attitude when it came to anything was just part of me, and that I should learn to love and accept that.  So, after all of these years, I've finally come to the conclusion that she was right.  Life is never boring for me, and I know its never a dull moment for those who love me.  Sorry, folks!!!

Off to bed now.  I shall sleep and dream of a life of normalcy.....not really....

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