Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's just a number

I've been reflecting on age quite a bit recently.  I can't believe that a whole decade has flown by since I was facing the BIG 4 - 0 and I remember how terrifying that number was to me.  I dreaded that birthday with every fiber of my being and I awoke on that morning near tears.

I remember not being very happy about turning 30, either.  Of course, I was early in an unplanned pregnancy that was Andrew, and it didn't help that Mr. Helen walked around saying to people, "Should a man in his 20's be married to a woman in her 30's?"  (Mr. Helen is nine months younger than I, and he is also not very funny.)

Now I am facing another milestone birthday in a year, and as you can probably figure out, it's not 30 or 40 this time.  But this one, I'm actually looking forward to.  I'm pretty excited to be able to say, "I'm 50."

It's so nice to get to this age and stage in life.  I've watched my kids grow into the talented, capable people they have become.  I have learned to become content and happy with what I have and where I am.  I don't care about going out of the house without make up.  I'm at peace with my body and all of it's imperfections.  I know what's important and it's not a number on the calendar or on the scale or in my bank account.

Each day is a gift and I am seeing that more and more as I get older and wiser.  I try not to take anything for granted; the bluebird on the tree outside, a hug from my kids, laughing with a friend, the way the first berries of the season taste, the smell of the spring air.  Life is so amazing and the world so incredible and I don't want to miss a thing.

I've been blessed to have never known hunger.  I've never had to worry about where I would sleep or if someone was going to hit me or if I could go to school or if I could afford medical care for my kids.  I was born to a family that loved me and provided for me.  I live in a country where I am free to choose my own path and speak my mind.

For nearly 50 years, I've been blessed everyday by something and I think that's a great number.  Time to celebrate!!!

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  1. Awh ... what a great post, Helen! I'm new to your blog. This year is the "big 4-0" for me and I think it's a great number. I feel very blessed as well. Thank you for sharing - it's inspiring! :)