Thursday, October 13, 2011

You can do this!!!

I came across this idea from a post I got on my Facebook page yesterday.  They are called comfort dolls and are used to bring comfort to children who have lost parents in the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Here's the link if you are interested:

As many of you know, my beautiful daughter, Lily, is from Ethiopia, one of the countries that has been devastated by HIV/AIDS.  After finding this link, I thought that it would be awesome to get some of my friends and fellow knitters together and make some of these to send to Ethiopia for the kids in the care centers and other homes so they have something soft to hug, and to know that there are people in the world who really care about them.

The instructions include a pattern for young children to be able to knit some.  It is VERY simple....even if you know nothing about knitting, you could probably knit one of these!

I have a TON of stash know, that yarn that just accumulates and finally there are bins and bins of it stacked in the basement or other spare room.  Any of you who would like to join me in project comfort doll, please let me know!  We can have a little class on them and have some tea and muffins, then knit something for some very special children.

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