Saturday, October 8, 2011

October the 8th?

Is it really October 8th?  It feels more like August was 81 degrees today!

Not wanting to pull out the wool scarf I am knitting, I worked on some wristlets all day as I bounced back and forth between soccer games, spending time with Miss Lily, and watching football.  I have several small projects going, but it's too hot to pull out some of them. 

Andrew's soccer team played in a tournament today and lost both games.  His team isn't very good and they were down about 6 players, so we weren't surprised.  He has sort of gotten used to losing this year!

It was still an overall good day for him; he got his driver's license today!  We now have five drivers in the house AND I only have to play taxi to one child now!

It's been a long week.....wish I could just lie around the house like Princess Ella.....

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