Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My outrage runneth over

Seventy-two days.

So, the multi-million dollar, all consuming wedding of the no-talent Kim Kardashian to her seemingly clueless husband was a complete joke, the marriage lasting all of 72 days before she decided they needed to divorce due to "irreconcilable differences."  How does one know whether or not you even have any differences after only 72 days?

I find the Kardashians to be ridiculous and to exemplify just about everything wrong with America.  No wonder the rest of the world has no respect for us....here is an entire family that really does nothing, gets paid huge amounts for doing nothing, and makes a mockery out of every sacred institution we have.  I think some group should occupy the street on which the Kardashians live and protest their fleecing of America.

The most troublesome part of this whole charade is what was spent on the wedding.  A reported TEN MILLION dollars was spent/donated for the whole shebang - probably more than the entire GDP of some developing countries.  When I think of the hunger, the lack of medical care, the lack of clean water in the world and what 10 million could have provided, it sickens me.  I'm appalled by the waste and the careless attitude about said waste.  The whole family appears to be like, "Oh well, 10 million here, 10 million there....no  big deal...." 

And don't even get me started on the institution of marriage!  I hear this argument about how gay marriage is going to hurt marriage....that its going to redefine it, etc.  How can anyone even make that sort of a statement when we have these heterosexual marriages lasting weeks or a couple of months and then ending, simply because people just don't want to be married?  I have gay and lesbian friends who have stronger commitments and have been together longer. 

I certainly hope that Kim figures it out.  The least she can do is repay everyone who gave her something for her sham of a wedding, sell that rock on her finger and help some people out.  I won't hold my breath.

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